Winter Holiday Time

05 May 2016

Is your car ready for the winter, and the school holidays?

Powerhaus would be happy to carry out a pre holiday check if you are worried about any thing to do with your car before you head away these holidays, or winter season.

Winter can put different demands on your vehicle, especially if you plan to head into, or pass through an area likely to have snow. 

-Having good tread on tyres makes a big difference on wet roads. A low but still warrantable level of tread gives very little grip on wet roads.

-The correct amount of and the right type of antifreeze in your cooling system is essential not only to prevent the coolant from freezing while parked in the ski area car park, but also prevents rust from forming inside the engine, and raises the boiling point while driving.

-Batteries have to work much harder in the cold, and this is the time of year that they are most likely to fail. In general they last around 5-6 years.

-Make sure all your lights are working correctly, you spend a lot more time driving with them on during the winter season. It's a good idea to have them on during the day as well.

-If you have chains it's a good idea to carry them, and even to check if they fit your cars tyres, especially if they were previously fitted to another car. Not all chains will fit all tyres.

Have a great winter and hopefully see you up the hill!

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