Servicing at Powerhaus

18 August 2014

At Powerhaus, your regular service is much more than just an oil change.

Once every year, or after 10,000kms travelled (six months or 5000kms on older vehicles), your European car needs to be serviced.  One of the main functions of the service is to replace the engine oil and its filter, but there is a lot of other important work to be done at the same time to keep your car running safely and efficiently for the next twelve months.

Firstly the car is road tested, and any unusual noises or characteristics are noted. A scan of the major computer systems can be carried out to check for any stored faults.  Basic functions like lights and wipers are checked for operation.  Levels and conditions of all the drive train fluids are checked and topped up if needed, including transmissions, differentials, transfer cases and other four wheel drive accessories.

The engine bay is checked over, spark plugs, air and cabin (or Air conditioning) filters are removed and inspected for wear.  Fluid levels are checked and topped up, including testing brake fluid and radiator antifreeze conditions.  Drive belts and where fitted camshaft belts are inspected.  The battery is checked and tested, and any other defects visible such as oil leaks are noted.

Once raised on a hoist, tyres and brakes are inspected, including all lines and hoses. The suspension is checked over as are driveshaft's and any other mechanical systems. Any fluid leaks are identified . Faults picked up on a road test can be identified at this point also. The engine oil and filter are replaced, and any other issues are then discussed with the customer.

Costs of servicing can range greatly between cars, and depends on the time it takes, quantity of oils and other parts required, and their cost. A simple Volkswagen Polo with few extras can take around an hour and cost about $230, whereas a more complex car with a larger engine and four wheel drive systems like a Porsche 911 can take over two hours and cost around $500.

To get your European car serviced by a true European specialist, don't hesitate to contact us for a booking, an estimate, or any other question you may have.

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