Staying safe between annual WOFs

01 July 2014

Got a vehicle that was first registered on 1 January 2000 or later? New annual WOF inspection requirements mean that you are responsible for ensuring that it remains roadworthy (i.e. safe) in the 12 months between WOFs - if you don't, not only could your car become unsafe, but you could be ticketed by your local Council or the NZ Police for things like badly-worn tyres. Now not everyone has the inclination, time or skills to carry out the necessary checks themselves, so that's why we've introduced a new service - the $45 safety check (incl GST). It's the convenient, affordable way to maintain your vehicle's roadworthiness in-between annual WOFs.

The half-hour check covers the most important safety aspects of your vehicle - e.g. seatbelts, tyre tread-depth and air pressure, brakes, lights etc - plus some added extras such as checking your vehicle's: 

  • under-bonnet fluids - including engine oil (top-up oil additional), coolant, windscreen wash, brake and power-steering fluids 
  • engine bay drive belts
  • battery (using a load and charge test)
  • radiator
  • spare tyre and tool kit
  • undercarriage

As a courtesy, we'll text you around the time we think a check would be prudent (approximately six months before your next annual WOF is due); if you want to book in, simply reply to the text - and if you don't, then don't!

Got a question or like to book now? Call us on 499 8715 or email us at

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